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July 20, 2017

My Medicare Checklist

My Medicare Checklist for this Enrollment Season



What to do to get prepared for Medicare this season.

Medicare can be complex, but our handy checklist has everything you need to get ready to enroll. Let’s get started!

6 Months Before Turning 65:

4 Months Before Turning 65:

3 Months Before Your 65th Birthday:

  • Enroll in Part A during your Initial Enrollment Period. You should also enroll in Part B unless you are eligible for a Special Enrollment Period.
  • Confirm receipt of Medicare card(s).
  • Make sure to ask these important questions:
    • Will I have to choose hospital and healthcare providers from a network?
    • Will my doctors accept the coverage? If not, are there doctors near me who will?
    • Will I need referrals to visit specialists?
    • Will the plan cover me if I get sick while traveling in another state?
    • What will my prescription drugs cost?
    • Are my drugs on the plan’s drug list (or formulary)?
    • Does the plan include the pharmacies I currently use?
    • Can I get my prescriptions through the mail?
    • Does the plan have a good quality rating?

We have you covered when it comes to Medicare at Ascension Group.  We can help find you the right Dallas medicare plan that meets your needs.  Call us at (214)277-9497 for more information.

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